Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Basing Organisation

While waiting for my delivery of the Might & Reason rulebook, I turned my attention on the options I have for basing my miniatures.

The Base size I will be using is the standard (small scale) 50 x 25mm. Each unit of 2 bases represents a brigade of 4 battalions. As many armies of the time had mixed brigades (which are also shown on many army lists), I have decided that my brigades will be represented by 2 differently painted bases (battalions) brigaded together, unless shown (on the army list) as one large (2 base) brigade. This decision means that I don't want to use a formation which is spread across two bases, incorporating one group of command miniatures. Each base therefore, will have it's own command miniatures.

The next consideration (and most important to me) was how the bases would look when in play. Might & Reason uses two formations: March Formation(MF), one base behind another and Fighting Formation(FF), bases side by side. This means that any formation I use must be symetrical if it is to look uniform when in both formations.

Here are some pictures of the various options I looked at; showing veiws from the front and above in both formations.

This formation looks fine, in line but only if using a single brigade. I like having the officer on the end of the line and the drummer and flag centralised.

Again, good in line as a single brigade.

Only looks good in line, but dose use less miniatures.

I like the look of this "in line".

This has to be my favourite line formation if using a single battalion, it don't look too bad in MF.

I don't like the possitioning of the flags.

This is one of my two favourites (with the next formation), it's symetrical, looks good in FF and MF.

This benefits from a couple of less miniatures, it looks good in MF but I'm too sure about FF, the middle of the line (drummer next to officer) looks a bit 'off'. For these reasons I think I will go with the previous formation.

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