Saturday, 19 July 2008

First Post

Hi and thanks for showing interest in my first blog.
I wanted to use this first blog to explain 'where i'm at' with my hobby and my reason for blogging.
Ive been interested in all things military since boyhood and I started Wargaming when I was about 12, (21 years ago). I started out with Games Workshop's Rogue Trader (40k Rules), then BloodBowl and various versions of Epic (my favourite). Some time later I met my good friend Kev and he introduced me to historical wargaming. He once described me as a 'Butterfly wargamer', meening that I flit from one project to another, never really getting one finished. This is one of the main reasons that I am completing this blog; it will give me some inspiration to keep going. I also hope that those of you who regularly reading this will add some much needed encouragement.
As for the blogs content/focus. Well, I hope that this will solidify over they next few weeks, but basically I am aiming to paint two 10mm Pendraken miniature armies and wargame in the Seven Years War period using the 'Might & Reason' ruleset. Today I called Caliver books and placed my order for these rules, now all I got to do is arrange the cheque and wait for delivery.
The majority of my posts will provide a regular account of how the whole process is proceeding. Including explanation of what I have done and how, along with the obligatory eye candy (pics).
Before all this starts I have a few people to mention. Thanks goes to Kev for inspiring me for many years (sadly, I lives on the other side of the country now). My wife Wendy who has put up with my hobby for years. Dave Pengilley for the creation of the wonderful 10mm miniatures which have inspired me to create two armies (a big ask for me). Sam Mustaffa for creating the rules I will be using (comments on which I will provide when I have seen the rules with my own eyes). Everyone who is reading this and probably has provided me with support from various websites including the Wargames Society and Might & Reason Yahoo Group (all of which are in my links page). Lastly, the greatest inspiration to this blog comes from another blog, SYW6mm blog, if I create anything like that I will be very pleased.
I hope you all enjoy this as much as I will creating it.

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