Monday, 28 July 2008

Might & Reason arrives

I was on holiday this weekend, but I was very happy to return home and receive my post, which included 'Might & Reason'.

First impressions are very good, the cover is glossy, it includes lots of diagrams (including many in colour), and miniatures included in the pictures are of many scales.

I have had a glance through all the book and read the two chapters (Introduction, Setting up the game). The text is easy to read and understandable (very important for a dyslexic, like me); this is backed up by the diagrams and pictures, which prove very useful (and pretty).

It was these pictures which have sent my basing scheme (from my last post) to the bin and a new one has replaced it. The basis of the change is that I have decided not to have mixed units, only having a single (smaller) rank and including a mounted officer:

The astute among you will notice the the mounted officer was raised from the ranks without time to change his uniform i.e. just a stand-in.

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