Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Why Pendraken 10mm

Firstly let me say that this isn't going to be a shameless plug for Pendraken or a rant on the possitives of 10mm miniatures. I just wanted to let you all know why I have chason to work with the miniatures I have.

A few years ago now, I was at a wargames show (in Leeds I think) when I saw the Pendraken trade stand. I already owned and loved some Samurai miniature that I had tried by Pendraken a was interested to see more. (I was also in the market for a change of period/miniature (onother one of my flits)). At the time the miniatures were sold in bags of about 100. I had always liked the look of SYW and thought I would try something a little different to the usual Prussian choice; So I picked French (maybe not the best fighters then, but they looked good).

Here are some pics of the (not too little fellows)

These pictures don't do the miniatures justice (they were done on my mobile); but the first think that hit me was the detail and quality of the casting (these have only had some flash removed from the bases). I was even more impressed when I started to paint them and found them a joy to paint (a rare occurrence for someone so fussy about there miniatures). Here are some painted pics (based for DBx).

I need to improve on my mobile phone camera abilities I know, or maybe use the 'proper' camera; but I hope to provide some better pics on the blog.

So they look good, paint well, the price is right, the only potential problem I saw was those half pound bags of miniatures. I like to choose my lead, not make do. But Mr Pengilly (of Pendraken) has pulled through on this problem and agreed to my request for specifics. So all I need to do now is create a list of my 'specifics' and place the order. This will depend on the battle I will choose to fight, which in turn will depend on the rulebook. This I am pleased to say is on order and the payment was sent by post yesterday; so watch this space.

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