Friday, 1 August 2008

"The Project"

After spending many hours working out army lists for Rossbach, I was dissapointed to realise that the purse-strings didn't stretch far enough to buy the miniatures. As a result I have made the decision to use the small scenario "Warburg" in the Might & Reason rules. I have placed my order with Pendraken (who can be seen at claymoor this weekend); hence I won't be seeing any miniature for a couple of weeks. This gives me time to do some planning.

Tonight I have been bringing together part of my French army list, uniform info from my Men-At-Arms collection, the fantastic (colourable) plates from "Not by Appointment" blog and of course the great resourse "Warflag". All of which I have placed on a handy A4 sheet, to help when painting. I intend to do these for all the miniatures which will be painted during the project. Unfortunatley I cannot add the file to this blog as it is a Word doc; but here are a couple of samples:

French Infantry Regiment

No. 64 Rohan-Rochefort.



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