Monday, 25 August 2014

Six year update!

It's been six years since my last update on this blog. Firstly I would like to apologise to anyone who has checked back over the years, only to find no changes. Life and other projects took presidence and this project was effectively mothballed.

This weekend during a clean-out I found the miniatures and was re-excited about working on them. I'm not sure why but several based had been completed without having any pics added to the blog (other than Regt. No 54 Aumont). So I want to set things straight. Below are some pics of the minis that have been completed.

I am also back at work on these minis and will add a painting guide soon as well as a YouTube vid for my channel.

Meaupeou's right wing (Wargurg)


Regt. No. 8 Bourbonnois

Regt. No. 28 La Caronne

Regt. No. 54 Aumont

Fischer's Reserve (minus Fischer whose not painted yet)

Chasseurs de Fischer

Regt. No. 42 Rouergue

Regt. No. 64 Rochefort

Regt. No. 64 Rochefort showing the detail on the rear of the base

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